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The magnetic system from SKF 

No contact, no wear, no worries

The magnetic system from SKF combines a high-speed permanent magnet motor (PMM) and active magnetic bearings with integrated controls, allowing OEMs to harness the efficiency benefits of variable speed drive technology. With higher power density and a smaller footprint than conventional solutions, an SKF PMM can be single or double stage without any design change. 
Electromagnets levitate the compressor shaft, allowing it to rotate without contact. A control system actively monitors shaft position and continuously adjusts the current in the bearing coils to maintain stable shaft position. Vibration- and nearly friction-free performance results enable super-quiet operation. 

No oil or oil lubrication system

Electromagnets hold the shaft in a levitated position so the shaft rotates without contact. A control system monitors shaft position and adjusts the current in the bearing coils to maintain stable control of the shaft. Oil, lubrication and contaminant-free, SKF magnetic bearings are very well suited for use in refrigeration compressors. As part of the SKF Magnetic System, SKF magnetic bearings help enable:
  • A 10%+ increase in energy efficiency vs. conventional bearings
  • Reduced maintenance demands and costs
  • No oil residue – zero contamination
  • Significant noise reduction
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