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Housing material

SNL and SE housings are made of grey cast iron.
SNL and SE housings are painted black (RAL 9005) using a water based alkyd/acryl paint. The paint of SNL housings protects the housing in accordance with ISO 12944-2:1998, corrosivity category C2 (i.e. exterior atmospheres with low level of pollution, interior atmospheres where condensation may occur).
The paint of SE housings protects the housing in accordance with corrosivity category C3 (i.e. exterior atmospheres with moderate level of pollution; coastal areas with low salinity; interior atmospheres with high humidity and some air pollution). The paint is not affected by most lubricating or engine oils, cutting fluids or alkalescent washing chemicals. Housings can be repainted with most water or solvent based 1- or 2‑component paints.
Unpainted surfaces are protected by a solventless rust inhibitor.
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