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Features and benefits

SNLN 30 housings have the following features and benefits:

Stiff housing

The housing base is reinforced with ribs and has extra material surrounding the holes for the attachment bolts (fig. 1). This virtually eliminates any distortion of the base and bearing seat during tightening of the attachment bolts.

Good heat dissipation

The centre cross reinforcement in the housing base (fig. 2) increases the contact area between the housing base and the support surface to improve the heat flow from the bearing outer ring to the support surface.

Grease guiding system

For more efficient relubrication from the side, SNLN 30 housings have an integrated flange that guides grease from the grease fitting directly to the bearing (fig. 3). This feature is available for housings up to and including size 3038.

Caps and bases individually marked

The housing cap and base are matched during manufacture and are not interchangeable with the caps and bases of other housings. To prevent any mismatches, a unique serial number is marked on both the housing cap and the base (fig. 4).

Dimples to locate accessories

Dimples cast into the housing cap indicate where grease fittings and condition monitoring sensors can be mounted for maximum effectiveness (fig. 5).

Simple mounting

To simplify mounting and make alignment more accurate, lines indicating the centre of the bearing seat and housing bore axis are cast into the housing base. Dimples indicate the position for dowel pins (fig. 6).
Mounting instructions are supplied with most seal packs1). Housings from size 3028 and above are supplied with an eye bolt on the cap for safe and easy handling.
  1. 1)The mounting instructions for housings from size 3024 to 3032, with seals in the 200 series, must be ordered separately.
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