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Features and benefits

PD housings have the following features and benefits:

Compact design

The bearings are incorporated in one housing, which saves space.

Smooth running

The two bearing seats are concentric. Since bearing misalignment is avoided, rigid bearings can be used. The resulting stiff arrangement provides a high degree of running accuracy and enables high speeds.

Quiet operation

The accurate alignment of the rigid bearings in one housing enables quiet operation. For units with the designation PDNB, a wave spring washer in the smaller housing range further reduces noise levels.

Available as units

PD housings can also be supplied as units, complete with bearings and shaft. These ready-to-mount units are assembled and greased at the factory, saving time and reducing the risk of contaminating or damaging the bearings during assembly.

Easy handling

Large housings have two eye bolts for safe and easy handling.
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