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Spherical shims

Shims to fix angular soft foot

Spherical shims from SKF remove angular soft foot problems and can be used in combination with traditional pre-cut shims.
Soft foot is a common condition found in rotating equipment that makes alignments time consuming and often unsuccessful. While parallel soft foot can be corrected with traditional shims, angular soft foot can be corrected effectively with spherical shims or SKF Vibracon chocks.

Product characteristics:

SKF Spherical shims
  • Angular soft foot compensation up to 2 degrees
  • Can be used in combination with traditional shims
  • Suitable for bolt size M10-M42 (3/8” – 1½”)
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, enabling re-use
  • No installation skills required
  • Supplied in packs of two
SKF Spherical shims - soft foot
Parallel soft footAngular soft foot
Short footBent footAngled
Rectangular shims
SKF Spherical shims rectangular
 Metric dimensions (mm)
SM SPS-A15550153,9
SM SPS-B17570235,3
SM SPS-C19080325,5
SM SPS-D1125105447,0
 Imperial dimensions (inch)
SM SPS-A12,171,970,590,15
SM SPS-B12,952,760,910,21
SM SPS-C13,543,151,260,22
SM SPS-D14,924,131,730,28
Square shims
SKF Spherical shims square
 Metric dimensions (mm)
SM SPS-A25050153,9
SM SPS-B27575235,5
SM SPS-C2100100327,0
SM SPS-D2125125447,5
 Imperial dimensions (inch)
SM SPS-A2220,590,15
SM SPS-B2330,910,22
SM SPS-C2441,260,28
SM SPS-D2551,730,3
Should you be unable to find a suitable product, please contact your local SKF Authorized Distributor or SKF sales representative.
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