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Criteria for seal selection

The selection of the right seal profile and material for a given application requires consideration of many factors. This section supports the selection of the right seal for typical hydraulic seal applications and existing cylinder designs. For any application factors outside of the ordinary, or to specify sealing systems in new hydraulic cylinder designs, a certain amount of expertise may be required. The hydraulic seal experts at SKF can assist in selecting the right sealing system for new cylinder designs.
Before seals can be selected certain application parameters and information should be collected. The following most common application considerations are nearly always required when selecting hydraulic seals:
  • fluid pressure range,
    the range of operating fluid system pressure, as well as frequency and severity of pressure peaks
  • temperature range,
    the range of the fluid and cylinder assembly, both when operating and at rest
  • speed,
    the stroking speed of the reciprocating piston rod
  • fluid media,
    the type and viscosity of fluid used in the system
  • hardware dimensions,
    the rod and bore diameters, seal groove dimensions and gaps (if already specified), cylinder overall length and stroke length as well as surface finish specifications (if already specified)
  • application of the cylinder,
    the type of equipment the cylinder will be used on and how the cylinder will operate in the equipment as well as installation, duty cycles and environmental factors (external temperature, contaminants)
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