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Simplex High-load thrust bearings

Intermediate shaft bearing
The Simplex High-load thrust bearing (HL) are single-collar bearings for taking up the thrust loads produced by the ship's propeller.

Other applications, such as with turbines, air blowers, cutter suction dredgers and centrifugal pumps, are also possible. If required, the bearing's internal parts can also be fitted into gearboxes or, by using flange-type casings, onto engines and motors. Of course, The Simplex HL thrust bearings are manufactured in accordance with the rules of all international classification societies.

The thrust shaft with the solid forged collar transmits the thrust to the bearing casing. In an axial direction, the thrust collar is guided on both sides by the tilting pads. These pads rest on a spherical base and are directly supported on the casing. They can be inserted and removed through an assembly opening without the need to take off the bearing's upper casing half.

The shape of the HL tilting pads offers you improved oil flow, more effective cooling, lower friction and hence a reduced loss of efficiency with an increased service life. At the same time, the Simplex HL thrust bearing gives you maximum strength and stability. This is due to the robust, ribbed design of the casing with the stiffened supports of the tilting pads as well as its centreline mounting on the foundation. In addition, these technical features reduce the tilting moment.

Depending on the customers requirements, SKF Marine can configure the Simplex HL thrust bearings in combination with a radial bearing or, above size 500, as pure thrust bearings.
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