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GEPANU validity check on HEC and HycaSep elements for Turbulo Oily water separators

Hycasep filter element
The GEPANU validity check system provides you with proven information about the genuineness of the spare parts for Turbulo type TMPB separators. This helps you to support legal and environmental aspects according to MARPOL regulations in which oily water separators are stated by the IMO as approved items.

The IMO type approval states that the type TMPB/A separator must be fitted with the Turbulo HEC coalescer and the Turbulo HycaSep elements. This is a mandatory requirement for the operation of the TMPB and for compliance with the type approval.

To guarantee that parts are genuine, each Turbulo HycaSep element bears a 12-digit code together with the brand name on the edge of the cartridge. The Turbulo HEC coalescer bears the brand name in black lettering.

This code is unique and distinctive. The code can be used by the owner or PSC inspector to verify that genuine parts are on board.

A reply by e-mail confirms the validity or invalidity of the code.  The operator can therefore be sure of compliance in the event of a PSC inspection or Concentrated Inspection Campaign.

Once the element digit number has initially been confirmed as valid by an e-mail reply, the  database blocks this number from further requests and it is impossible for that same  number to be used again.

The database registers the block on the digit number and releases the number upon second request using the IMO hull number as a reference.

GEPANU - Turbulo´s Genuine Parts Number System

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