SKF Electronic Parking Brake

A compact, “smart” solution

Developed for parking and emergency brakes in tractors, the SKF Electronic Parking Brake is a compact, “smart” solution that offers farmers increased reliability, comfort and productivity in varying conditions.

Featuring an actuator controlled with by-wire technology, the SKF Electronic Parking Brake enables "smart" functions.
  • “Automatic apply” activates when the key is off and the driver leaves his seat
  • "Hill holder" and "Drive away" create maximum driver comfort, even on hilly ground
  • Automatic wear compensation avoids manual system registration by the end-user

Design flexibility

The SKF Electronic Parking Brake is a flexible add-on solution with integrated smart functions. When used to replace mechanical or hydraulic systems, the unit’s by-wire technology can improve vehicle efficiency and performance. The unit is simple to install, giving designers freedom to position it in different locations on the vehicle. "Plug-and-play" solution reduces assembly cost.
  • Robust, high-performance solution enhances equipment reliability
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Improves operator safety and ergonomics

The solution is appropriate for multiple vehicle platforms with different types of transmissions; and customizable software enables its use in varying equipment types faced with different operating conditions.
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