SKF Agri Hub for tillage discs increases farm productivity

The challenge

Agri hub for tillage discs
An owner of a 2 500 hectare Kromvlei Farm, outside Hoopstad, Free State in South Africa, was experiencing costly, recurring problems with his tillage bearings. The bearings would only last about a day, or up to 100 hectares. For the farm owner, this meant that he would have to spend an hour and a half replacing each failed bearing arrangement. On average, this represented a loss of ten hectares of planting and four hectares of ripping.

The SKF solution

Because maintaining up-time and continuous production is of the utmost importance in the farming industry, SKF suggested that the farm owner install the SKF Agri Hub for tillage discs, a fully integrated hub bearing system, greased and sealed for life. The units have a flanged outer ring that is pre-drilled and tapped to accommodate a disc, and a stationary inner ring fitted with a threaded stub shaft for easy mounting.

The results

After enduring some 600 hectares worth of abrasive soil conditions, liquid fertilizers, and thorough washdowns, the SKF Agri Hub units were still going strong, with no bearing arrangement defects.

Customer benefits
    • Increase farm productivity by up to 150%* (Fig. 1)
    • Reduce ownership costs by 30%* (Fig. 2)
    • Extend service life up to 3X longer than conventional designs*
    • Save as much as half an hour of maintenance per day*

* All figures and graphs are rounded off and based on SKF testing against conventional bearings. Savings and results will vary in specific applications.
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