SKF Agri Hub T200 for tillage  

Relubrication-free unit extends service life by up to 200,000 hectares

Agri Hub T200 closed
Designed as a heavy-duty alternative to standard-sized hub units, SKF Agri Hub T200 for tillage connects disc harrow arms to larger diameter tillage discs (>610 mm/24 in.). By combining larger components and a unique dual sealing system, it has a designed life cycle of up to 200,000 hectares and is thus the ideal option for large, intensive farming operations where constant uptime is vital.
Bigger for better performance

Built to extend the capabilities of the standard SKF Agri Hub units for tillage, SKF Agri Hub T200 for tillage units deliver:

• 11% more bearing loading capacity

• 30% larger shaft

• 40% thicker steel flange

• 50% larger seal contact area

OEM benefits

• Differentiate designs from competitors

• Reduce warranty, engineering and testing costs

• Fast delivery worldwide

• Unitized design helps reduce assembly costs

End-user benefits

• Extend service life by up to 200,000 hectares

• Greater uptime and productivity

• Reduced relubrication and mechanical maintenance costs

• Higher speed tillage

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