Streamlining complex functions

Throughout the world, manufacturers are facing increasing challenges related to cost control, productivity, quality and environmental sustainability, along with expanding market demands for flexibility, product customization and faster time to market. Increasingly, the solution lies in robotics and machine automation. For OEMs charged with creating this advanced machinery, SKF offers solutions that enhance reliability and performance.

The automation advantage

Machine automation eliminates many of the bottlenecks and problems associated with traditional manufacturing processes, while providing opportunities to respond in new ways to customer needs and business demands.
Increased productivity
Automated electro-mechanical machines generally require less maintenance, while allowing for faster set up time and better control of machine output. This can result in increased productivity.
Higher flexibility
With automated set up and the ability to change parameters, electro-mechanical automated machines make it easier to respond to changing customer demands.
Better quality control
Improved control over machine functions means stable processes and better product consistency. In addition, because condition monitoring is also automated, information is immediately available to fine-tune processes, detect missed functions and minimize inspection time.
Environmental benefits
Automation contributes to the preservation of resources and helps companies meet standards for environmental responsibility. By reducing friction, less energy is consumed. Less oil and grease are required, greatly reducing the amount of waste to dispose of. And, machines run quieter, so noise pollution is decreased.
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