Plastic forming

Lower total ownership cost than hydraulics

In addition to traditional hydraulic machines, more and more manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines have implemented a wide assortment of hybrid and even all-electric alternatives with mechatronic solutions to increase production capacity.

  • Increased duty cycle
  • High load carrying capacity 
  • Reduced cost of ownership vs. hydraulics (energy, maintenance, etc.) 
  • High productivity 
  • High accuracy 
  • Cleanliness

Replace hydraulic actuation by electro-mechanical actuation for 4 main axes: injection axis, mold clamping, parts ejection, nozzle touch
Long life (ca. 40Mio cycles) with high reliability and low maintenance
High speed actuation (up to 1m/s) under short cycle time ( down to 2,5 sec.)

Solutions by application:

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