PTFE radial shaft seals

Engineered to handle high speeds and harsh chemicals

PTFE shaft seal
During normal operation, shaft seals in oil-injected screw compressors need to keep contaminants out. During shutdowns, they need to keep pressurized air and oil in. PTFE radial shaft seals from SKF offer an optimum performance solution for air compressors.

Available in many formulations, SKF PTFE radial shaft seals readily withstand operating conditions that traditional elastomeric sealing lip materials cannot. SKF PTFE radial shaft seals are also available with an optional front-lip spiral for superior oil retention. When used in combination with an SKF wear sleeve, this complete sealing solution will help extend service life and enable easier field repairs. Key features and benefits include:
  • High chemical resistance
  • Withstand speeds up to 30 m/s (5 900 ft/min)
  • Wide operating temperature range, –40 to +200 °C (–40 to +390 °F)
  • Withstand pressures up to 3,5 MPa (500 psi)
  • Withstand dry running
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