Industrial refrigeration

Cutting energy consumption to cut costs

It’s a key goal of today’s refrigeration compressor manufacturers and end-users. Along with growing environmental concerns and increasingly stringent legislation of refrigerants, it’s driving innovation like never before. Meeting these related performance goals, however, requires the right mix of tools and technologies for each compressor type.

SKF can make it happen

Drawing on many years of experience working with compressor OEMs and end-users, SKF can offer a range of solutions to meet specific compressor efficiency requirements. 

For twin screw compressors, for example, we can recommend the optimum bearing arrangements and materials to handle the refrigerants and lubricants involved. We can help upgrade reciprocating units and designs with solutions that compensate for their high operating temperatures. And we can help OEMs move away from traditionally complex centrifugal compressor designs toward those that eliminate the use of oil as a lubricant.

Compressor types

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