Dry vacuum cleaners

Universal motors are commonly used to drive the fan which produces the air suction.

It is supported by two small single row deep groove ball bearings normally with metal shields. The shields are designed with a special labyrinth to improve sealing capability. Internal radial clearance is optimized to meet the needs of high speed and low vibration. Lubrication consists of grease which can meet the stringent requirements of high speed and high temperature conditions. To improve sealing efficiency flingers can be used which are integrated into the inner ring. This improved resistance to dust ingress is achieved without affecting the speed rating of the bearing.

For very high speeds a special design is needed. This will depend on the specification required and may include customized ball sets together with reduced pitch diameter to reduce the high centrifugal forces involved.

Please contact your SKF application specialist for further information. SKF will be pleased to recommend the most suitable solution to the design requirements.


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