Advanced bearings for sub-sea and cryogenic pumps

Sub-sea screw pumps

Sub-sea screw pumps are the industry’s prime solution for extracting oil as deep as 3 000 meters in a single-step process. SKF sub-sea screw pump bearing arrangements are helping to enable this deepwater extraction, reducing oil recovery times and increasing field recovery rates by up to 20% in the process.

The SKF bearing arrangement for each rotor consists of two CARB toroidal roller bearings to accommodate shaft deflection and axial displacement. A four-point angular contact ball bearing is used to locate the shaft axially. The bearings are constructed from SKF super-tough VC444 stainless steel, which features high amounts of nitrogen for superior fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Cryogenic pumps

Give the harsh operating conditions they must endure, it’s no wonder that cryogenic bearing service life is often six months or less. The SKF cryogenic pump solution can help. Designed to handle and use various liquefied gases as a lubricant, this SKF solution is helping companies more than triple cryogenic bearing service life and significantly extend mean time between repairs.

The SKF cryogenic pump solution features VC444, a patented, specially heat-treated variant of SKF super-tough stainless steel that delivers excellent protection against corrosion, wear and fatigue. This solution also includes hybrid bearings – deep groove ball bearings with ceramic rolling elements – plus a flexible, single-piece glass fiber reinforced PEEK (polyetheretherketone) cage.

SKF extreme-environment pump solutions can help:
  • Cut maintenance and operating costs
  • Avoid critical pump failures
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Minimize production losses
  • Help extend pump service life
  • Increase worker safety
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