SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder Programme

Connecting you with the world’s leading pump repair shops

certified pump rebuilder
Some industrial pump repair shops simply stand above the rest. The SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder Programme helps you find them. Developed as a collaborative effort among eligible repair shops and SKF, the SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder Programme enhances the expertise of select pump repair shops worldwide.

Why choose an SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder?

The right know-how
Bearings and mechanical seals are responsible for about 80% of all pump failures. While it's no surprise that high-quality bearings are essential for pump reliability, the right bearings alone won't deliver the results you need. How parts are installed, lubricated, handled, stored, aligned, transported, and maintained is equally important. At SKF-certified shops, technicians complete extensive training in pump system analysis, bearing installation, lubrication systems, and condition monitoring technologies.

The right resources
SKF Certified Rebuilders have access to our unparalleled collection of parts, tools, and technical support. They're kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. And they're empowered to perform root-cause analysis and troubleshooting.

The right approach
Becoming SKF-certified isn't a one-time process. Rather, all SKF Certified Rebuilders must complete regular audits to help ensure compliance with our rigorous standards. They must also meet our requirements for continuous improvement and competence development.
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