Machine tools

High demand for high performance

Machine tool performance is playing an increasingly critical role in production efficiency and product quality. Today’s machine tool customers are looking for manufacturers that can meet their high-performance demands. To stay competitive in a global market, delivering machines that combine high speed and precision is essential.

Demand is equally high for machines and components that are more reliable and energy efficient. Operators want low-maintenance products with low environmental impact – and even lower operating costs. Profitability depends on it.
SKF can help

We've been an engaged partner and supplier to the machine tool industry for decades. And we operate hundreds of machine tools in our own manufacturing facilities worldwide. So we understand your technical and business challenges, and we see your opportunities. Our optimized products and solutions can help you realize them. 

Informed by our deep knowledge in bearings and units, lubrication systems, seals, mechatronics and services, SKF can help machine tool manufacturers develop products that: 

  • Reduce lifecycle costs
  • Increase machine speed and precision
  • Increase uptime and productivity 
  • Increase service lifetime
  • Increase warranty period
  • Reduce maintenance 
  • Increase energy efficiency 
  • Reduce environmental impact
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