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How to produce high-end products faster and precisely

Drilling operation

All over the world the demand for new consumer electronics like LCD TVs, computers, cell phones, and PCBs, is rapidly increasing. In order to stay on top in this competitive marketplace, it is crucial for consumer electronic brands to launch new products quickly and efficiently. Naturally this puts a lot of pressure on the manufacturers. They have to produce high quality products and deliver high volumes within shorter and shorter time spans.

The challenge: Meet high quality under extreme conditions

A key component in this process is the high-speed spindle in the milling, grinding, tapping/drilling machines used to manufacture consumer electronic products. Our customer produces machines that are spinning at up to 60.000 r/min, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These machines are used to put the finishing touches on the aluminum shells of consumer electronic products like smart phones, so they look and feel attractive.

The solution: Improved spindle design and right high speed bearing selection

The SKF super-precision bearings played an important role in making the spindles work flawlessly with high performance. By working closely with our machine tool customer, we improved the spindle design with our engineering knowledge and customized solutions to help improve productivity – and consequently bring even higher quality smart phones and consumer electronics to market faster.

SKF super-precision bearing solutions

Super-precision angular contact ball bearings, high-speed, E design, with ceramic balls, for high degree of stiffness and extended service life:


7009 CEGA/HCP4A 

7008 CEGA/HCP4A 

7007 CEGA/HCP4A and 



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