Conveyor drive systems

Moving diverse materials through tough conditions

Whether transporting raw coal or metals at a mine, or bulk materials and finished goods at a port, conveyors endure abrasive contaminants and harsh elements.

Unlike medium conveyors, heavy conveyors are slow-moving applications, so high operating temperatures and rotational speed are typically not factors affecting performance. But external temperature, heavy loads, shock loads and contaminants can significantly reduce service life for bearings and other components.

Easier operation with SKF

SKF has the robust solutions that OEMs can incorporate in their designs to extend service life and reduce maintenance demands and for conveyor end-users. Maintenance teams can also benefit from faster change outs. SKF solutions can also help meet OEM requirements for short delivery times from request to field installation. From head to tail end to motors, SKF solutions can keep the entire conveyor system moving more productively and profitably.

Conveyor applications

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