Cost-effective reliability and performance

Heavy cranes play a mission-critical role in many industrial processes. Dockside and process cranes are moving heavier loads, faster than ever before. Cranes are also exposed to abrasive salt, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and more.

Breakdowns – and the costly unplanned downtime that follows – can occur in track wheels, rope pulleys, hoists, electrical systems, motors and gearboxes. Too often, the maintenance time and resources needed to prevent them are in short supply.

Leave the heavy lifting to SKF

SKF can help design engineers and OEMs develop next-generation crane component and system solutions. From motors and gearboxes to hoist machinery and travelling wheels, SKF offers several low- and no-maintenance solutions to help:

  • Boost uptime
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize designs
  • Handle higher speeds and loads
  • Enhance safety

Crane applications

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