Elevator maintenance

Effective maintenance is tough to maintain

Elevator shaft
Hard-to-access elevator motors for Machine Room Less (MRL) designs can increase safety risks for the maintenance personnel. Manual lubrication often means unintended over-lubrication that can result in grease dripping onto the elevator roof and unpleasant chemical odors for passengers.

And whether the maintenance is planned or unplanned, time is always limited. For heavy-duty elevators in public transportation, elevator standstills can cause significant passenger congestion and frustration and even lead to closed stations if evacuation routes and passenger safety cannot be properly maintained.

Make it easier with SKF

SKF can help operators keep elevators more easily maintained with relubrication-free bearings. Our automatic lubrication solutions and condition monitoring technologies and services – including the SKF MetroCon system, developed specifically for elevators and escalators – can help improve reliability and safety while cutting maintenance demands and costs.


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