Elevators and escalators are critical assets

When hundreds of thousands of passengers ride it every day, it’s a critical asset. But practicing maintenance on subway elevators and escalators is difficult. Heavy traffic, reduced maintenance windows and the sheer number of stations make asset reliability a constant challenge. Condition monitoring services from SKF can help.

Keep your people-moving equipment moving with SKF

Developed for heavy-duty people-moving assets, SKF MetroCon is the industry’s most complete condition monitoring offer. SKF MetroCon can help you optimize auxiliary equipment maintenance, predict and prevent failures, even evaluate the most cost-effective times to replace or refurbish equipment.

Proven underground

Implementing or expanding a condition monitoring program can also reduce Lost Customer Hours, unplanned downtime and extend equipment service life, further reducing operating costs. SKF MetroCon is currently doing all of it for the London Underground, helping operators move critical escalators toward a new asset management approach.

Along with implementing the SKF MetroCon solution in the London Underground, SKF has decades of condition monitoring experience across many industries. We can measure and analyze an almost endless number of machine positions and operating conditions. And when action is required, SKF has the global support and wide product and services range to solve any problem.


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