SKF transmission solutions drive crusher productivity and maintenance

The challenge

At a copper-ore mine in Portugal, operators suffered repeated unplanned production stoppages due to problems with the chassis supporting the mine's two underground crusher motors. It seems two decades of corrosion and normal wear and tear had lead to a series of problems as the transmission belts began repeatedly breaking, twisting or coming off the pulley wheels.

The mine operator talked to SKF about the possibility of not just replacing the two motor chassis, but of installing complete new systems that would be much more effective in preventing stoppages, and keeping them much shorter in duration should they occur.

The SKF solution

SKF replaced the existing metal motor chassis and provided a hydraulic system to enable the motors to be moved back so that belts could be changed, tightened, or adjusted quickly. SKF also supplied transmission belts, belt tension systems, a laser instrument for aligning pulley wheels, post-installation vibration testing and spares for key components.

The results

Three months after installation, the mine had not suffered a single unscheduled stoppage. Management estimates that any stoppage to change belts or adjust the pulleys will now take 15 to 20 minutes, compared with up to four hours previously.
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