SKF ConCentra bearing units

Engineered for better reliability in harsh conditions

SKF ConCentra ball and roller bearings can handle punishing outdoor conditions as well as heavy loads, shock loads and contaminants. They offer a proven, cost-effective alternative to conventional bearing and housing arrangements.

Particularly well suited for bulk and outdoor conveyor applications, SKF ConCentra bearing units perform well wherever maintenance requirements are tough and minimal. Greased and sealed, ready and easy to mount, the units help cut maintenance demands.

True concentric locking technology

The centric and easy locking on commercial shafts is another advantage. Two pairs of concentric rings with precision-engineered, multi-tapered, stepped contact surfaces maintain a near-360 degree concentric grip around the entire shaft circumference.
  • Extended service life 
  • Reduced vibration and fretting corrosion
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Higher operational reliability
  • Trouble- and contamination-free mounting
  • Minimal maintenance
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