Gas and steam turbine stop and control valves

Mission-critical challenges

Steam turbine valves
Valves are prevalent throughout a power plant, providing flow, pressure, level control and process isolation capabilities. Perhaps no valve application is more mission-critical than steam turbine stop and control valves.
Like the cruise control on an automobile, steam control valves regulate the amount of steam entering the turbine in order to maintain speed under a varying load. Steam stop valves prevent steam from entering the turbine in emergency situations. Both require functional testing, including electronic control loops, if applicable.

Mechatronic solutions from SKF

SKF electromechanical actuators provide plants with a tested alternative to traditional valve designs. SKF has worked with companies to replace complex electro-hydraulic systems with SKF electro-mechanical actuator units from our Mechatronic solutions.

Designed to operate with far less energy and far more control than electro-hydraulic actuators, SKF electromechanical actuators have proven to be more reliable, and more cost-effective to maintain over the life of the system.


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