Precision maintenance training

SKF offers a wide scope of training opportunities to customers, from upper management and operations to maintenance personnel. Venues range from training conducted at customer locations or regional sites, to hands-on sessions at SKF Solution Factories.

SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute

The SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute offers a comprehensive range of training courses designed to help plants eliminate machinery problems and achieve maximum reliability and productivity. The course portfolio has been designed around the Asset Efficiency Optimization (AEO) workflow process, and has been created to allow participants to gain knowledge and expertise through a structured development path. Course categories include introductory, intermediate and advanced level training.

The introductory courses, considered the pre-requisites for the more advanced classroom courses, familiarise students with basic terms and offer basic training on subjects such as bearings, lubrication, thermography, and more. These courses are self learning and are taken at an individual’s own plant through SKF’s web-based Reliability Maintenance Institute online modules and interactive computer media training known as SKF Self-Learning Tools. The RMI On-line E-learning modules are delivered on-line, 24/7, at SKF @ptitude Exchange.
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