Forming section

Ensuring quality during a wet process

The forming section consists of the headbox and the wire section. It is a critical section of the paper machine. It is here that the quality and structure of the finished product is determined.

While the operating conditions are not extremely harsh for bearings, they must be able to handle the water used in the process. As in all paper machine applications, reliability is critical to help ensure continuous production.

Improve head box and wire section reliability and reduce maintenance costs
SKF offers a wide range of solutions for the forming section including:
  • Condition monitoring equipment that helps reduce maintenance costs 
  • Tools that help simplify mounting and dismounting 
  • High performance bearings that help improve the efficiency and reliability of  breast, drive, guide, stretch wire and  suction rolls 
  • Lubrication systems to provide the lubricant and barrier against moisture

Forming section solutions

Forming section applications

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