Pulp dryers

Performance in a high temperature environment

A pulp dryer is very similar to a paper machine, with a very humid environment in the forming and press section and high temperature in the drying section. The main difference is that pulp drying machines are slower than paper machines. Another difference is that some pulp drying machines have airborne dryers instead of drying cylinders. The pulp is mainly dried by heated air flow rather than contact with heated cylinders.

In the dryer section, the process of drying the pulp continues through the use of steam-heated cylinders or hot air. In modern machines, the dryer section is encased in a hood to capture and exchange heated, moist air. Here, the ambient temperature is higher, which affects the bearings. Selecting appropriate bearings for the operating environment can help avoid unplanned stops.

Additionally, the difficulty in performing maintenance and the importance of safety raise the demands for longer bearing service life.
Increase bearing service life and improve worker safety
SKF offers solutions for pulp dryers that can help:
  • Extend bearing service life
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Improve safety by extending maintenance intervals
A wide range of solutions from SKF
With drying, SKF can help with solutions that include:
  • Condition monitoring equipment that helps reduce maintenance costs
  • High performance bearing, sealing and lubrication solutions that help improve efficiency and reliability

SKF solutions for pulp dryers

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