SKF rolling bearings mounting & dismounting instructions

Language: English
Product platform: Bearing, units and housings

Mounting is one of the critical stages of the bearing’s lifecycle. If a bearing is not mounted properly using the appropriate method and tools, its service life will be negatively affected. Individual applications may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic mounting methods for correct and efficient bearing mounting.

Even though a dismounted bearing may not be re-used, proper dismounting methods and tools help prevent damage to other machine components, such as the shaft and housing, which are often re-used. Additionally, incorrect dismounting techniques can be hazardous to maintenance personnel.

The SKF rolling bearings mounting & dismounting web application provides step-by-step instructions for the most appropriate methods and tools to mount and dismount the majority of SKF rolling bearings in a safe and efficient manner.

Please note that mounting difficulties can indicate that products are counterfeit. Counterfeit products are best avoided by purchasing via SKF or authorized distribution channels. If you suspect you have received counterfeit products, please contact SKF at for verification.

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