Heater selection tool

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Heater selection tool

The online heater selection tool helps to select the most appropriate SKF heater for a given hot mounting or dismounting application of bearings or annular workpieces.

In just three easy steps, the user can define his heating application and receive a list of all suitable heaters for that application – including a recommendation based on the best price/performance ratio.

Additional information such as the product data sheet, technical data, product web page and more is easily accessible for each heater.

The heater selection process is designed for most common heating applications. For special applications that require heating temperatures beyond 110˚C (230˚F) or for heating of non-ferrous materials (e.g. copper, brass, etc.) or for other unusual applications, we recommend that you use the contact link in the Heater selection tool and request advice

The heaters that are included in the tool are
•    SKF Electric Hot Plate (729659 C)
•    SKF Induction Heaters (TIH 030m, TIH 100m, TIH 220m, TIH L33, TIH L44, TIH L77)
•    SKF Induction Heaters fixed size EAZ series (incl. control cabinets)
•    SKF Induction Heaters for non-bearing applications (TIH L33MB, TIH L44MB)

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