SKF Documented Solution Program

Language: English , Spanish , Portuguese , French , German , Chinese traditional
Format: Web application
Product platform: Services
SKF Documented Solution Program

"Spend minutes. Save thousands."

The SKF Documented Solution Program (DSP) is an interactive tool that SKF uses to measure the monetary value of the savings that its customers can  attain by using SKF’s products and solutions.

By working together with the customer and populating the tool with data, an SKF sales representative can generate a bottom-line figure predicting the total estimated savings that can be achieved by using SKF solutions. Since the customer provides his own plant’s running information (e.g. materials, labour, downtime, etc.), he can be confident that the forecasted savings are reliable.
In short, the focus is shifted from how much a product or service costs initially, to how much value the customer will gain in the long term, over the life-cycle of his assets.

The DSP tool is available only for SKF representatives to use. Download the SKF DSP light app from SKF App Store (Worx Store) in order to work offline with the customer. Then upload your case to DSP database and complete the case in the online tool once in the office.

SKF also offers the SKF Distributor Value Programme, which authorised distributors can use to show the value that their services provide to customers.

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