SKF Engineering Calculator

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Format: Web application
Product platform: Bearing, units and housings
SKF Engineering Calculator

Online tool including Frequency Calculator, Radial O-ring Selector, Power Transmission Calculator and Rotor balance tolerance.

Frequency Calculator
Vibration analysis of rotating machinery is common practice in predictive maintenance programmes. It shows whether components are in healthy shape or suspect to anomalies. Once vibration measurements are taken, the vibration frequency spectra is interpreted. Typical frequencies of rotating machinery components are included in the programme to support frequency spectrum analysis.

Radial O-ring Selector
This calculator allows you to find the recommended O-ring inner diameter and range of cross section diameters that will fit a given groove size and tolerance range in a radial seal.

Power Transmission Calculator
Power transmission is the movement of energy from its place of generation to a location where it is applied to perform useful work. This set of calculators ranges from horsepower to rotational inertia, and are intended for general engineering purposes. Please consult the manufacturer of your equipment for specific calculations and product requirements.

Rotor Balance Tolerance
This calculator is used in situations where rotors are workshop balanced, i.e. the balancing exercise is performed in a dynamic balancing machine.
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