SKF LubeSelect for SKF greases

Language: English
Format: Web application
Product platform: Lubrication solutions
SKF LubeSelect for SKF greases

LubeSelect for SKF greases is developed by SKF. This application accesses a knowledge base to help you in the selection of an appropriate lubricant for a particular application. You can select a lubricant based on:
  • application conditions
  • application profiles 

By filling in the application conditions, an analysis is made and greases are suggested. This analysis is based on generalized selection rules that are carefully developed with SKF lubrication experts. The suggested greases are a weighed compromise to fulfil the described application conditions as well as possible.

By selecting the application profile that is most similar to your application, the profiles give best-practise suggestions based on (years of) experience of business segments, product centres and SKF lubrication experts.

The two approaches are complementary: the application profiles give suggestions "from the field", while the suggestion based on a description of application conditions is based on extensive "analysis".

Attention: LubeSelect for SKF greases gives lubricant selection suggestions, based on generalised selection rules. It cannot take into account every detail of the application, and the selection is made from a limited set of greases. You will remain responsible for the lubricant selection that you make, or the lubricant that you advise to your customer.
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