SKF SimPro Spindle

Evaluate machine tool bearing options and performance – before design freeze

Accurate yet easy-to-use, SKF SimPro Spindle bearing simulation software quickly selects and evaluates a suitable bearing arrangement design for spindle applications. SKF SimPro Spindle incorporates specific SKF knowledge and data for super-precision bearings, so that you can explore new design alternatives that help reduce time to market.
Main features
  • Extensive bearing selection including matching and preload setting options: matched sets or universal, preload, fitting and location
  • Extensive modelling capabilities of components: bearings, shaft, rotor, gears, lubricant, spacers, springs
  • Bearing selection based on SKF super-precision bearing catalogue with accurate and updated geometry data
  • Various analysis and output options, e.g. bearing load, contact stress, rating life, Campbell diagram, shaft deflection, bearing kinematics, etc.
  • Standard bearing rating life models including ISO/TS 16281:2008
  • Intuitive stepwise graphical interface with guidance, warning system and 2D and 3D visualization
  • Global support
Main benefits
Intuitive and detailed evaluation of SKF bearing arrangement performance based on:
  • User-friendly and accurate modelling of bearing arrangements
  • Relevant application requirements and operating conditions
  • Accurate and detailed SKF bearing geometry and performance data
  • ISO standard bearing rating life models
  • Generates a detailed design verification report in one click
Speed and flexibility in machine design cycle:
  • Easier interaction with SKF engineering experts (having the same software will simplify data exchange)
  • Increased flexibility and autonomy
  • Allows you to do more and faster design iterations before the design freeze


Note that SKF SimPro Spindle is dedicated to our customers and partners and is subject to an annual fee. The final decision on approval of usage will follow our registration process where requests will be evaluated and decided upon. 
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