Understanding Asset Efficiency Optimization

Written by Wayne Reed, presented by Mel Barratt

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This is a three part series of audio visual presentations. It describes SKFs work management process called "Asset Efficiency Optimization", and discusses some of the issues involved in its implementation.  The presentations comprise slides with an audio narration, but they are also suitable for silent viewing.

Play the presentations by clicking the links below.

Part 1

Part 1 of the presentation discusses the general arena of asset management, and its impact upon a business. It goes on to describe SKFs work management process called "Asset Efficiency Optimization, and its place within that general arena. Play part 1 now

Part 2

This presentation looks at how Asset Efficiency Optimization is done correctly, and includes a discussion of efficiency versus effectiveness. It goes on to discuss how to make the shift from reactive to proactive maintenance. Play part 2 now.

Part 3

The third part of the presentation begins by considering what an assessment needs to achieve. It goes on to consider some of the practical difficulties that might be encountered when attempting to put AEO into practice. Some of the benefits that might be gained through successful implementation are considered, and the presentation closes with a review of some key points. Play part 3 now.
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