Authenticate your SKF products

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The easiest way to verify your products is via the SKF Authenticate app, available for free at free at Apple AppStore and Google Play.

You can also send your inquiries to

Avoid being cheated

Carefully select your supplier of SKF products. Compromising secure sourcing can cause great harm to your business and machinery and to your people with it.

The best way to safeguard authenticity is to buy SKF products from authorized SKF distributors. Find a distributor here.

What is a counterfeit SKF product?

All types and sizes of products and packaging marked with SKF trademarks, but not manufactured by SKF or with the consent of SKF, is considered counterfeit.

Branding workshops illegally mark unbranded products with SKF trademarks and other look alike markings. The products are packed in counterfeit look-alike packages and marketed as genuine products.

Counterfeited SKF products exists on all markets, within all industries and all products types, not limited to industrial bearings, also vehicle parts, seals, grease and many more products are counterfeited.
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