Selecting a housing

When selecting a housing, many factors should be considered. The selection process depends not only on the bearing type and size but also on the ability of the housing to safely accommodate the magnitude and characteristics of all applied loads. Beside this, important considerations are mounting, maintenance, sealing options and bearing lubricant requirements.

Search for a housing

To identify housings that are suitable for a specific bearing type, size and shaft-bearing combination, use SKF Housing Select. Also keep in mind that a roller bearing unit may be the preferred solution (table 1). For additional information about roller bearing units, refer to Roller bearing units.

Adjust the bearing selection

If there is no suitable housing for the selected bearing type or size, consider switching to a bearing that can be accommodated in a standard housing. The result will be a more cost-effective bearing/housing solution.

Select the final housing variant

Once a housing has been selected, be sure that the housing and available sealing solutions will accommodate the loads, shaft-bearing combination, lubrication method and operating conditions, e.g. type and level of contaminants. Consider all housing variants, including those with a non-standard seat tolerance or special seals. For unique requirements, contact the SKF application engineering service.
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