Sealing solutions

FSDR .. K housings are designed for two sealing solutions:
  • a labyrinth seal incombination with one V-ring seal and a PTFE strip, for all housings except size 49/1320 (fig. 1)
  • a labyrinth seal in combination with two V-ring seals, for housings size 49/1320 (fig. 2)
Table 1 provides an overview of the characteristics and suitability of both sealing solutions. Additional information is provided in the following text. This information should be used as a guideline, which cannot substitute for testing a seal in its application.
The labyrinth seal consists of two parts: the housing cover and a labyrinth ring. Both are split. The cover is bolted to the housing body and does not rotate. The labyrinth ring is bolted onto a shaft sleeve and rotates with the shaft. The V-ring seals have a long seal lip that seals axially against the cover. They are located radially by steel clamping bands and axially by the labyrinth ring. For housings with one V-ring seal, a PTFE strip, mounted in a groove in the cover, provides additional protection.
Labyrinth seals are supplied together with the housing, but can also be ordered separately. Contact SKF for additional information. Shaft sleeves are also supplied with the housing.
NOTE: V-ring seals and band clamps must be ordered separately. Appropriate V-ring seals and band clamps are listed in table 2.
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