Bearing tolerance class

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The dimensional and geometrical tolerances of bearings are described by their tolerance classes (→ Tolerances). In addition to the Normal, P6 and P5 tolerance classes, SKF also manufactures bearings with even narrower tolerances. These include P4, UP and other tolerance classes. For information about SKF bearings that have a tolerance class better than P5, refer to Super-precision bearings.
Select the tolerance class for a bearing based on the application requirements for precision of rotation and operational speed (diagram 1).
If the application requirements for precision of rotation are moderate (→ Selecting fits) and operational speed is moderate (→ Speed limitations), then choose a Normal tolerance class. If the requirements for precision of rotation and/or operational speed are greater than moderate, then choose an appropriately more accurate tolerance class (diagram 1).
For detailed information about standard tolerances, please refer to the product sections.
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