Food grade chain oils

SKF food grade chain oil range is specifically developed for food and beverage applications. In these applications high temperature, high humidity and low temperatures are critical factors to consider in the selection of the correct oil. The whole range is NSF, H1 approved, therefore fit for the food and beverage industries.

High moisture food grade chain oil LFFM 80


High moisture chain oil LFFM 80 exhibits particularly good performance in high moisture environments such as in proofers and pasta driers as well as in applications where condensation might occur. This low viscosity semi-synthetic base oil prevents residue build-up on the chains and offers good wear and corrosion protection.

General purpose food grade chain oil LHFP 150

LHFP 150

General purpose chain oil LHFP 150 excels in low to elevated temperature applications such as in confectionery industries and fruit and vegetable processing. The formulation is based on a synthetic oil and the product provides good corrosion and wear protection together with good aging and oxidation stability.

High temperature performance food grade chain oil LFFT 220

LFFT 220

High temperature performance chain oil LFFT 220 is mainly for use in bakery ovens or other equipment subjected to high temperatures. It provides good wear protection and low evaporation losses at elevated temperatures along with excellent oxidation resistance due to its formulation and synthetic base.

NSF H1 registered and Halal certified

Selecting the correct oil for your application can bring multiple benefits to your process:

  • All SKF Food grade chain oils offer high resistance to oxidation and good aging stability which leads to improved chain life.
  • Relubrication intervals are longer and oil consumption is lower which in turn reduces energy consumption, improves processing efficiency, extends the chain life and brings maintenance costs down.
  • Odourless and tasteless, food grade chain oils comply with common food contact regulations and provide a high level of safety and ease of handling.

Typical applications
Typical applications in the food and beverage industry include:

  • Conveyor chains
  • Drive chains
  • Lift chains

For low-speed chains, brush lubrication is typically used whilst for medium-speed chains, drip oil application is required. 

For high-speed chains, projection lubrication (via lubrication systems) is necessary to help ensure continuous lubrication.

SKF food grade chain oils are available in 5 litre cans and as an oil fill for the SKF SYSTEM 24 single point automatic lubricators.

Available pack sizes
 LFFM 80LHFP 150LFFT 220
Can 5 litreLFFM80/5LHFP150/5LFFT220/5
Gas driven lubricators   
LAGD series 125 mlLAGD 125/FFM80*LAGD 125/HFP15*LAGD 125/FFT22*
Electro-mechanical lubricators
TLSD series 125 ml TLSD 125/HFP15 
TLSD series 125 ml refill LHFP 150/SD125 
TLSD series 250 ml TLSD 250/HFP15 
TLSD series 250 ml refill LHFP 150/SD250 
 * Includes non-return valve
Technical data
DesignationLFFM 80
DescriptionFood grade (NSF H1) oil
Specific gravity0.91
Base oil typeSemi synthetic (mineral/ester)
Operating temperature range–20 to +120 °C (–4 to +248 °F)
Base oil viscosity:
40 °C (104 °F), mm²/s
100 °C (212 °F), mm²/s

approx. 80
approx. 10
Flash point>200 °C (>392 °F)
NSF registration nr.146767
Shelf life2 years
Technical data
DesignationLHFP 150
DescriptionFood grade (NSF H1) oil
Specific gravity0.85
Base oil typeSynthetic (PAO)/Ester
Operating temperature range–30 to +120 °C (–22 to +248 °F)
Base oil viscosity:
40 °C (104 °F), mm²/s
100 °C (212 °F), mm²/s

ISO VG 150
approx. 19
Flash point>200 °C (>392 °F)
NSF registration nr.136858
Shelf life2 years
Technical data
DesignationLFFT 220
DescriptionFood grade (NSF H1) oil
Specific gravity0.95
Base oil typeSynthetic (Ester)
Operating temperature range0 to 250 °C (–32 to +482 °F)
Base oil viscosity:
40 °C (104 °F), mm²/s
100 °C (212 °F), mm²/s

ISO VG 220
approx. 17
Flash point>250 °C (>482 °F)
NSF registration nr.146768
Shelf life2 years
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