High temperature, harsh environment food grade grease

SKF Food Grade Lubricants

High temperature and harsh environment bearing grease LGED 2

SKF LGED 2 is a food grade NSF H1 certified grease based on a synthetic fluorinated oil using a PTFE thickener. It is suitable for extremely high temperature from 180 °C (392 °F) up to 240 °C (464 °F) and/or agressive environments such as acids/alkalis, vacuum, oxygen etc.

  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Very low evaporation losses at high temperature
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Long life in aggressive environments such as very reactive areas with a presence of high purity gaseous oxygen and hexane

Typical applications:

  • Bakery/brick oven equipment 
  • Glass industry 
  • Kiln truck wheels 
  • Load rollers in copying machines 
  • Wafer baking equipment 
  • Textile dryers
  • Film streching tenders
  • High temperature fans
  • Vacuum pumps
Available pack sizes
1 kg canLGED 2/1
Technical data
DesignationLGED 2/(pack size)
DIN 51825 codeKFK2U-30
NLGI consistency class2
ColourOff white
Base oil typePFPE
Operating temperature range–30 to +240 °C
(–22 to +464 °F)
Dropping point DIN ISO 2176>300 °C (>570 °F)
Base oil viscosity 
40 °C, mm2/s
100 °C, mm2/s
Penetration DIN ISO 2137 
60 strokes, 10–1 mm
100 000 strokes, 10–1 mm
Corrosion protection 
SKF Emcor:
– standard ISO 11007

0–0 *
EP performance 
4–ball test, welding load DIN 51350/4, N8 000 min.
Water resistance 
DIN 51 807/1, 3 hrs at 90 °C1 max.
Copper corrosion 
ISO 21601 max. at 100 °C (210 °F)
Rolling bearing grease life 
R0F test L50 life at 10 000 r/min., hrs>700, at 220 °C (430 °F)
Evaporation losses 
6 weeks at 200 °C, % weight losses<3.5%
Density at 20 °C, g/cm31.96
NSF Reg. No.156010
* Typical value
Important note:
LGED 2 is a fluorinated grease and is not compatible with other greases, oils and preservatives (except LGET 2). Therefore, very thorough cleaning of bearings and systems is essential before applying fresh grease
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