Food grade lubricants

The food and beverage industry is a challenging market where production efficiencies need to improve while maintaining safety and cleanliness.

Health concerns are rising concerning the usage of inappropriate lubricants in the manufacturing of various food-type products. It is very important to use food grade lubricants in food production facilities to avoid potential product pollution and unnecessary costs related to it.

Selecting the right food grade lubricant for the application can bring multiple benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved processing efficiency
SKF Food Grade Lubricants are NSF H1 1 registered and Kosher 2 and Halal 3 certified. Additionally, they rely on the ISO 21469 standard which helps ensure that they are produced and delivered according to the highest hygienic requirements.
  1. NSF: U.S. National Sanitation Foundation, H1: Incidental contact with food
  2. Kosher: Food prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws
  3. Halal: Food prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws

Food grade lubricants

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