Flowline pumping unit

SKF Flowline oil supply unit

SKF Flowline oil supply units provide superior water and air separation properties. Their cylindrical stainless steel reservoirs typically require only one-third of the tank volumes of traditional oil tanks. Advanced technology and the unique SKF tank design guarantee the highest possible oil quality and condition. 

The compact and modular SKF Flowline oil circulation lubrication system product family consists of the following components: 

  • Flowline pumping unit
  • ST-2240 control centre
  • Flowline monitor flow meters
  • sump units
Features and benefits
  • Increased machine availability due to optimal oil treatment
  • Cost savings on oil purchasing, handling and disposal
  • Energy savings
  • Less environmental impact
  • 50% reduction in reservoir size compared to traditional oil tanks
  • 80% more air and water removal than traditional oil tanks
  • 90% tank efficiency
  • Short lead times
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