Streamline oil supply units

Streamline oil circulation lubrication units

SKF Streamline oil supply units are SKF’s customized solution when it comes to oil circulation lubrication systems. They come with reservoir sizes of up to 40 000 liters in both carbon steel and stainless steel. SKF Streamline units provide equally superior water and air separation properties compared with the SKF Flowline product series. 

These reservoirs have a rectangular shape and typically require only one-third of the tank volumes of traditional oil tanks. Advanced technology and the unique SKF tank design guarantee the highest possible oil quality and condition.

Features and benefits:

  • Increased machine availability due to optimal oil treatment
  • Cost savings on oil purchasing, handling and disposal
  • Energy savings
  • Less environmental impact
  • 50% reduction in reservoir size compared to traditional oil tanks
  • 80% more air and water removal than traditional oil tanks
  • 90% tank efficiency
  • Dimensions can be adapted to machine footprint
  • Technical features
    Function principleelectrically operated screw pump unit
    Lubricantlubrication and hydraulic oils
    Operating viscosity20 to 1000 mm2/s
    Flow rate30-4000 l/min8-1057 gal/min
    Ambient temperature0 to +70 °C+32 to 158 °F
    Oil temperature+10 to 70 °C+50 to 158 °F
    Operating back pressuremax. 25 bar363 psi
    Rated power
    1,1-75 kW
    Material reservoircarbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
    Dimensionsdepending on unit size
    Mounting position
    pump skid on separate base frame
  • Applications
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