Belt alignment tools

Selection guide

SKF offers a range of three different belt alignment tools to enable accurate alignment for almost all applications.

Selection guide
DesignationTKBA 10TKBA 20TKBA 40
Easy of use and accuracy with V-belt pulleys••
Use on other pulley types and chain sprockets••••Optional side adapter TMEB A2 required
Max distance3m (10ft)6m (20ft)6m (20ft)
Use in sunny environments
Use with aluminium pulleys & sprocketsUse G clamp – to fix on faceUse G clamp – to fix on faceNot recommended
Application suitabilityIf versatility is required (e.g. V-belts and/or other belts and/or chain sprockets) choose TKBA 10 or 20If mostly used with V belt applications choose TKBA 40
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