Fixed induction heater

Safe and easy bearing removal in just 3 minutes

The fixed size EAZ induction heaters are designed to safely and easily dismount, and mount, cylindrical roller bearing inner rings, which are often mounted with a very tight interference fit. The modular EAZ solution consists of one or two EAZ coils that are fitted for the application and connected to a matching control cabinet to power and operate the coil. 
  • Perfect fit - EAZ coils are specifically designed for a given inner ring to achieve optimum dismounting performance and safe operation.
  • Easy handling - The lifting eye, two handles and a mechanism to lock the bearing inner ring inside the coil streamlines the dismounting process and helps the operator to safely handle the heater and hot ring.
  • Overheating protection - The EAZ coils are equipped with an overheating protection circuit that stops the heating process when the internal coil temperature starts overheating.
Fixed induction heaters EAZ series
Cylindrical roller bearings are essential machine components for applications in steel, railway and other industries. In many cases cylindrical roller bearings experience harsh operating conditions and need to be replaced frequently. Fixed size EAZ heaters and corresponding control cabinets offer fast, easy and safe dismounting and mounting of cylindrical roller bearing inner rings and similar components. Heating the inner ring creates expansion that overcomes the interference fit and allows the ring to be moved without damaging the shaft or the ring.

Control cabinets 

Control cabinet for Fixed induction heaters EAZ series
Control cabinet

Intuitive usage 

The SKF EAZ control cabinets are designed to enable the easy operation of the EAZ coils. It allows the user to conveniently set the heating parameters and control the heating process. 

  • Intuitive usage - The control cabinets feature an intuitive touch screen that helps the operator to quickly set up the heater and control the heating progress.
  • Automatic temperature control - The control cabinets can automatically stop the heating process when the desired temperature is reached by utilizing a temperature probe on the inner ring.
  • Demagnetization for mounting and dismounting - The control cabinets feature automatic demagnetization at the end of the heating process. This reduces contamination risks and allows the EAZ system to be used for both mounting and dismounting applications. 
  • SSD version for two coils - For applications where different EAZ coils are required (e.g. one coil to remove a labyrinth seal ring and another coil to remove a double-row CRB), both EAZ coils can be permanently connected to the cabinet and the user can select which coil is operated.

Technical data

EAZ heater
BearingFixed EAZ coil
DesignationInner ring
dimension (mm)
Voltage and current
315189 A179168160EAZ F179MVMV: 400 V, 105 A
HV: 500 V, 80 A
314190180130160EAZ F180MVMV: 400 V, 85 A
HV: 500 V, 65 A
313812202168180EAZ F202MVMV: 400 V, 85 A
HV: 500 V, 65 A
313893222200200EAZ F222MVMV: 400 V, 125 A
HV: 500 V, 95 A
313811226192200EAZ F226MVMV: 400 V, 120 A
HV: 500 V, 95 A
313824260206230EAZ F260MVMV: 400 V, 160 A
HV: 500 V, 120 A
313822312220280EAZ F312MVMV: 400 V, 160 A
HV: 500 V, 120 A
Fixed induction heater
EAZ control cabinets
DesignationNo. of outputsVoltage (+/- 5%)FrequencyMax. amperage limit
EAZ CC 225B1x EAZ coil400V50Hz225A
EAZ CC 350B1x EAZ coil400V50Hz350A
EAZ CC 225A1x EAZ coil500V50Hz225A
EAZ CC 350A1x EAZ coil500V50Hz350A
EAZ CCD 225B2x EAZ coil400V50Hz225A
EAZ CCD 350B2x EAZ coil400V50Hz350A
EAZ CCD 225A2x EAZ coil500V50Hz225A
EAZ CCD 350A2x EAZ coil500V50Hz350A
EAZ CC225C1x EAZ coil440-460-480V60Hz225A
EAZ CC350C1x EAZ coil440-460-480V60Hz350A
EAZ CCD225C2x EAZ coil440-460-480V60Hz225A
EAZ CCD350C2x EAZ coil440-460-480V60Hz350A
Spare parts
EAZ CC-GRCGrounding cable with magnetic clamp
EAZ CC-LCThermal switch control cable (black cable)
EAZ CC-TPCTemperature probe cable (green cable)
TMBH 1-3K-type temperature probe
If other spare parts are required, please contact MaPro for support.

Fixed EAZ coils are made upon request to perfectly match your SKF bearing or ring dimensions and voltage execution. Please specify your application and supply detailed information with your request to your SKF partner.

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