Induction heaters for non-bearing applications

TIH L MB series

Induction heaters for non-bearing applications TIH L MB series
The TIH L MB heats non-bearing workpieces
The TIH L MB heats non-bearing workpieces up to 600 kg (1 323 lb), depending on the model.
The induction heaters TIH L MB are specially designed to heat solid work pieces. These include rings, sleeves, gears, couplings, bushings and pulleys, as well as train wheels, tires or similar components. Featuring one magnetic coil in the center, these powerful and durable heaters localize the heating in the workpiece bore for superior performance on solid components. 
  • The TIH L MB series provides the following advantages for quick and effective heating of solid workpieces:
  • Simple and safe operation with remote-control and power level selection
  • Superior heating performance for solid workpieces with low energy consumption
  • Quick and easy placement of solid components with sliding yoke
  • Automatic demagnetization reduces risk of ferrous debris contamination
  • Easy handling and transport with standard forklift

Advice: The TIH L MB series heaters are designed for induction heating of solid, non-bearing components. For bearing-heating applications, we recommend the use of equivalent TIH L series heaters.

Technical data, accessories and spare parts

  • TIH L33MB
    Technical data
    DesignationTIH L33MB
    Maximum workpiece weight350 kg  (772 lb)
    Bore diameter range115–700 mm  (4.5–27.6 in.)
    Operating area (w × h)330 × 320 mm  (13.0 × 12.6 in.)
    Coil diameter150 mm  (5.9 in.)
    Standard yokes (included) to suit workpiece minimum bore diameter115 mm  (4.5 in.)
    Max. power consumptionTIH L33MB/MV: 15 kVA
    TIH L33MB/LV: 15 kVA
    Voltage *
    200–240 V/50–60 Hz
    400–460 V/50–60 Hz

    TIH L33MB/LV
    TIH L33MB/MV
    Temperature control0–250 °C  (32–482 °F); in steps of 1°
    Time control0–120 minutes; in steps of 0,1 minute
    Demagnetisation according to SKF norms<2A/cm
    Maximum heating temperature **250 °C  (482 °F)
    Dimensions (w × d × h)400 × 743 × 550 mm (15.8 × 29.3 × 21.7 in.)
    Weight140 kg  (309 lb)

    * Some special voltage versions (e.g. 575V, 60Hz CSA ready) are available for specific countries. For additional information, please contact your local SKF authorised distributor.
    ** Depending on bearing or work piece weight. For higher temperatures please contact SKF.

  • TIH L44MB
  • TIH L77MB
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