Induction heaters

The comprehensive SKF induction heater range can be used for efficiently heating bearings and work pieces, both large and small.

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The range of SKF Induction Heaters


Their innovative design offers significant advantages to both owners and operators:

  • Advanced power electronics, with accurate electric current control, help control the temperature rate increase
  • Two step power setting option (50% / 100%), enables small bearings to be heated safely and at a lower power consumption
  • For heating components other than bearings, all heaters are equipped with a heating time mode and for large components, optimized TIH MB heaters for solid workpieces are available
  • Thermal overheating protection reduces the risk of damage to the induction coil and the electronics, enhancing reliability and safety
  • Automatic demagnetisation reduces the risk of ferrous debris contamination after heating
  • Available in different voltage variants, to suit most operating voltages worldwide
  • Supplied with heat-resistant gloves for improved operator safety

Features and benefits

A: Induction coil located outside the heater’s housing enables a shorter heating time and lower energy consumption
B: Foldable bearing support arms allow larger diameter bearings to be heated, and reduce the risk of the bearing toppling during heating
: Magnetic temperature probe, combined with a temperature mode pre-set at 110 °C (230 °F), helps prevent bearing overheating
; Unique SKF remote control, with operating display and control panel, makes the heater easy and safe to use
: Internal yoke storage, for smaller yoke(s), reduces the risk of yoke damage or loss
: Integrated carrying handles allow for easy movement of the heater in the workshop
: Sliding or swivel arm allows for easy and quick bearing replacement, reducing operator fatigue (not for TIH 030m)

SKF m20 concept

The SKF m20 value indicates the weight (kg) of the heaviest SKF spherical roller bearing of series 231 that can be heated from 20 to 110 °C (68 to 230 °F) in 20 minutes. This defines the heater’s power output instead of its power consumption. Unlike other bearing heaters, there is a clear indication on how long it takes to heat a bearing, rather than just the maximum bearing weight possible.

SKF induction heater range
The comprehensive range of SKF induction heaters is suitable for most bearing heating applications. The selection chart below gives general information on choosing an induction heater for bearing heating applications. For heating components other than bearings, SKF recommends the use of a TIH L MB series heater. Contact SKF to help you select a suitable induction heater for your application.

SKF Induction Heater selection chart
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